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Together we are learning, experiencing and being captured by life from a different dimension in Christ.

School Of Prophecy 1

In this video series exclusive to Brilliant TV, Graham teaches on the heart of prophecy and how to grow in your prophetic gifting. Perhaps one of Graham's most requested teachings, his School of Prophecy is unlike any other out there and is in a class of it's own.

Developing Your Destiny

The long term plans of God stretch us from an obscure past to a concentrated future. His creative words create a pathway into fullness, turning expectation into outcomes as we learn the art of walking in the Spirit. Everything has its purpose in the cultivation of destiny. We become by design what He intends for us to inherit.

The Impact of Grace

In this series, Graham Cooke shares on the impact of grace on our lives. God’s grace is the empowering presence of God that enables us to become the person He sees when He looks at us.